Braemore WIND FARM

Why here?

The Site

The site is located 6km south west of Lairg, and is not subject to any environmental designations (e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest), historic designations (e.g. Scheduled Ancient Monuments), or national landscape designations (e.g. National Scenic Areas). The site falls within an area of 'lowest natural heritage sensitivity' as detailed in SNH's Strategic Locational Guidance for Onshore Wind farms in respect of the natural Heritage (updated 2009). The wind turbines, proposed access and construction compound all lie within the proposed category Broad Area of Search most viable within Highland Council’s Onshore Wind Energy: Interim Supplementary Guidance (adopted 2012).

In addition, identifying the site of the proposed wind farm takes into consideration a wide range of environmental and technical criteria listed below.


  • landscape and visual impact
  • ecology
  • noise
  • cultural heritage
  • hydrology & geology
  • Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authority, Electromagnetic Interference (TV signals)
  • cumulative impact (effect of more than one wind energy development)
  • local benefits


  • wind speed
  • grid connection
  • site access
  • existing land use
  • land availability
  • wind turbine type

Further Studies

Initial feasibility work suggested that the above criteria would be met at the site and more detailed studies were undertaken to confirm this. The results of these studies and consultation with various stakeholders were submitted as part of the Environmental Statement along with the consent application and any updates were included within the addendum to the Environmental Statement.

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